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    How do you say hello in Aboriginal? 
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    salam alaikum

    Was just wondering if anyone knows how to say 'hello' or 'how are you' in any of the Australian Aboriginal languages?

    There's a word in Aboriginal (donno which particular language) but it's called Winangali and it means to hear, to listen, to know and to remember. When I first heard it, it reminded me of Islam.

    Sami3na wa ata3na - hearing and obeying (obeying means you actually listened).

    To know - Islam tells us to seek knowledge.
    To remember - Dhikr, remembering Allah.

    Winangali is one Aboriginal word I won't forget.

    Purpose of this thread I guess is just to share interesting facts and learn more about the abORIGINALS of this land (for a long time I didn't know nothin but that they once inhabited Australia).
    بعبارة مختصرة جبهتنا منصورة
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    The Kulin nation refers to the alliance of the 5 Aboriginal tribes that lived in this state of Victoria
    بعبارة مختصرة جبهتنا منصورة
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    I lived with Aboriginal people in Arnhem Land for 18 years.. loved it masha'Allah. They are called Yolngu there. (yolngu means people). Yolngu matha is the general word for Aboriginal languages. I was adopted into the Djambarrapunyngu tribe and given an aboriginal name.. I also had a special designation in the community.. galikali. People called me that or "yapa" meaning sister ..rather than my name. Men are called "wawa "meaning brothers.

    They practice segregation there between male and females . and the word for hello in their language is Nhamirr nhe which translated means "what condition you". the reply is either "manymak" meaning good or "yaka manymak" meaning not good.

    Their world view is divided into halves. meaning all people and everything in existance is one of those two halves.. and called either dhuwa or yirritja. I was dhuwa. The yirritja clans have the azhan as part of one of their death ceremonies .. maybe a response to the macassins from Indonesia who came and fished for trepang (sea cucumber) off the Arnhem Land coast for many years. They introduced Islam to the indigenous people up there and a year or two before my reversion.. an old man told me and a group of people at the Darwin Festival.. that it was the Muslims who bought the knowledge of God to the Yolngu people.. not the Christians.

    It was in Arnhem Land in 2006 that I embraced Islam.. so it will always be significant to me Al Hamdulilllah

    I have many amazing memories from my years up there.. masha'Allah

    Lovely thread sis!!
    Allah is sufficient for us and He is the best Disposer of Affairs..
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    What? Abdraheim's Avatar
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    were u there to convert the aboriginals or ...?

    its amazing the plans we have and make for ourselves in life and the direction Allah chooses to send us walilllahi hamd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fatima_43 View Post
    salam alaikum

    Was just wondering if anyone knows how to say 'hello' or 'how are you' in any of the Australian Aboriginal languages?
    Wa Alaykum Assalam

    Arabunna Arru anpa
    Aranda Kelemwarre
    Arrernte Werte marda
    Awabakal Alla
    Djabugay Djirri-nyurra
    Dyribal Nginda
    Eora Boodyeri kamuru
    Ganai Wunman njinde
    Gumatj Nhamirri nhe
    Gunggari Gnunha yinda murdi
    Guugu Yimithirr Ngauthaan-thirr, gadiiwawu-wi
    Jiwarli Ya jalikurtijuyi
    Kala Kawaw Ya Ngi midh
    Kaurareg Ni midhikidh
    Kaurna Na marni
    Kukatja Nyuntun palya
    Kutthung Goojee ik koo
    Luritja Yawa
    Mabuiag Ni midhikidh
    Ngaanyatjarra Yiparrka
    Ngalkbon Nyale
    Ngiyampaa Yamakarra
    Noongar Barttaning Harro
    Pitjantjatjara Wai palya
    Wagiman Yow
    Warumungu Yar
    Warlpiri Ngurrju mayinpa
    Wik-mungkan Niiyalang
    Yankunytjatjara Wai
    Yolngu Matha Nha mirri
    Yugambeh Jingiwalli wahlu
    Yumpla Tok Wis wei
    Yura Ngawarla Nunga
    Il futuro appartiene all'Islam
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