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    Assalaamu'aleykum everyone,
    I'm super new in this forum... I'm kind of afraid of posting in the wrong page or something..
    I'm not so technologically-inclined..
    So.. I thought I'd better 'join' another Muslimah's thread instead... sorry!

    Anyways, I'm 'Victorian Muslimah', married to my fantastic husband , with a daughter who'll be in Grade 2 in Isik College, Ibrahim Dellal Campus in Sunshine next week inshaAllah.

    And yes, I'm a Western outer-suburbs person, living in a little 'woop-woop' town near Melton. Looking for Muslimah friends in the area or nearby suburbs, inshaAllah. Unfortunately, I'm not driving anymore and I am home-bound due to a disability and thus in my very comfy chair or favourite room almost all of the time, with this trusty laptop almost all the time, within easy reach! Sub_hanallah, I'm not complaining.. I LOVE being at home,alhamdulillah!! So much so, that when some family member like my wonderful hubby or kind Dad or generous Mum invites me outdoors to get some fresh air, I usually and happily decline! )
    I know it doesn't sound healthy to stay indoors all the time.. I sometimes hope that I don't have to go out at all, as it's just too troublesome for me and others too, I reckon! I don't like to trouble my hubby, Dad, Mum & even daughter much.. as they have to push me around in my wheelchair, poor them! Getting ready to go out, like having my daily shower, is like an event in itself! It can even take up to 2 hours to get ready.. so.. I'm tired even before going out. Therefore, I just dread going out... I LOVE my home so much... I feel that there's no need to leave the home...
    But I think my family wants me to make new friends or keep old ones or join the muslim communities nearby or join them in our family activities.. But I usually decline. I'd rather have my whole family spend time at my little house, watching a movie, play a board game, talk or have meals with me here indoors..!

    But I must stress "Alhamdulillah..!" I'm happy with what I have been given right now and I'm not wanting to go anywhere, except to the mosque or nearby Islamic classes (if there is any!)

    So, I'm currently searching for an Islamic class or group that is near the Western suburbs or even start one at my home (that is the most favourite venue of course!) about once every month or two, at least, inshaAllah..

    If you are an Islamic teacher or student or a friend or a family member of one, please let me know??
    Male or female, inshaAllah.. We've at least 3 Muslim families here in Melton who can come together once a month or two months at one family's home to learn Islamic studies, inshaAllah..

    We heard strong rumours that there will be a mosque in Melton this year.. (inshaAllah, please let it be true, Allah!...) But unfortunately, time is just passing away wastefully right now.. we can't wait that long.. We want to start a little class of our own first before the 'mosque' classes start running..

    Anyways.. do let me know if anyone knowledgeable is interested in leading us over here, inshaAllah?
    We're even looking forward to Taraweeh together here too, inshaAllah!

    ((Oh, by the way, for all the Muslimahs only - yes, if you'd like to pay me a visit at my home one of these days, please let me know?? I'd love a small chat with any Muslimahs in the Western suburb or Nothern suburb area, for sure!! Via SMS, email, FB is fine too.. I think I may be a little lonely.. but I'd like to be part of any nearby Muslim community, inshaAllah..))

    Sorry for this "outburst"!''..
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    WA Alaykum salaam sister !!!

    Welcome to the Forum !!!

    Hope you'll benefit from the forum!!

    I'll come & visit you InshaAllah, one day !!!!
    'Surely, my prayer and my sacrifice and my life and my death are (all) for Allah, the Lord of the 'Alamin'
    (Al-An'aam 6:162)
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    Quote Originally Posted by victorian muslimah
    So.. I thought I'd better 'join' another Muslimah's thread instead... sorry!
    I guess a moderator moved your post.. sorry!

    Welcome to the forum
    أَوْلَادُكُمْ فِتْنَةٌ
    Qur'an 8:28

    "I don't know if i'm getting better or just used to the pain."
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    El Muslimah.. let me know when you want to go and insha'Allah if its a Monday or a Friday I'll try and come with you insha'Allah. (once school starts).

    Welcome sis Victorian Muslimah.. it's nice to meet you masha'Allah. Insha'Allah we will all come visit and make you feel part of the Ummah sisterhood here in Melbourne..
    Allah is sufficient for us and He is the best Disposer of Affairs..
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    Welcome to the forum sister.
    You, your husband and your parents are very welcome to attend the "Islamic Classes for New Muslims, Those Interested in Islam & Those Who Want to Improve Their Existing Knowledge". See the link below for more info:
    Even if we have to carry you up the stairs, we will do so!
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    Welcome to the forums sis
    Religion is all about moral character; therefore, whoever beats you in character beats you in religion."

    O people who take pleasure in a life that will vanish, falling in love with a faded shadow is sheer stupidity!

    - Ibn Qaiyim rahimuhAllaah
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    Lol, surely all of Victoria is woop woop compared to Sydney j/k
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