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    My life with the Taliban 
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    After reading James Fergusson's book "Taliban" last year, I wanted to get an inside perspective on the history of the movement, and this book certainly provides it. Mullah Abd us-Salaam Zaeef was one of the founding members of the Taliban, and was the Ambassador to Pakistan during the American invasion. The book tells his life story, from start to finish, and it's just amazing the struggles he lived through, from being orphaned at a young age, to joining the jihad against the Soviets at the age of 15, to founding the Taliban out of the chaos of the post-Soviet period, to the Pakistani betrayal in selling him to the Americans, and finally his torturous stints in Bagram, Kandahar and Guantanamo concentration camps.

    I got it for a pretty decent price of about $15 (inc. shipping) from The Book Depository.


    'Highly significant...will be widely read by specialists and attract general interest. It will greatly appeal to those wanting an Islamist counter to orthodox accounts of the rise and fall of the Taliban.'
    Michael Semple, former EU representative in Afghanistan

    'presents a unique insight into the worldview of the Taliban. ... No other book published so far in English offers this. ... an important historical document and a captivating read.'

    Dr Antonio Giustozzi, author of Koran, Kalashnikov and Laptop: The Neo Taliban In Afghanistan

    'a very interesting memoir. ... Zaeef’s account is, to my knowledge, the first and only memoir penned by an important figure in the Taliban movement.'

    Professor Robert Crews, Stanford University

    'an incredibly important book. By revealing the inner workings of the Taliban from the early days of the movement, Zaeef challenges the accepted wisdom about the insurgency now facing international troops. … If your government sends soldiers to Afghanistan, you must read this.'

    Graeme Smith, Globe & Mail Kandahar Correspondent 2005-9

    الشعب يريد خلافة من جديد
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    Its also available online in PDF format at Kalamullah -
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