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Thread: I didn't know?

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    I didn't know? 
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    Assalamu alaikum.
    I seen Musa on a programm called ask Sheikh.
    I didn't know he was a sheikh?
    Mashallah that is really great.

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    Lol I take it this is your missing thread melb? Why is it in introductions? Lol
    Anyway, pardon my ignorance but Musa aren't you a little young to be a "sheikh"?
    Khair inshaallah, whatever your 'title' very good responses to the questions Mashaa'Allah

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    Wa Alaykum Assalam

    Last year I was invited to go present some programs, the main one of which is about Islamic History, we filmed them at Masjid ibn Tulun here in Cairo, you can watch some of the videos here -

    Dracula -
    Islam in China -
    Islam in the Philippines -

    The other show I was invited to do, as I was told was a talk style show with another person about Islam in the West. I was told about the idea and it sounded great, even that people could call in. What I didn't know until I arrived was the title of the show and the fact that it really was geared up as if it were a fiqh-fatwa show. Once we started and we saw how simple all the questions that were being asked were, the both of us agreed there is an obvious need to do the show as so many Muslims are ignorant of the basics and in need of a way to get these answered, so we decided to continue it, however requesting either that someone better be put in our place, or that certain things be changed.

    As they wanted to keep us because we were 'westerners' and could relate to people better than an Egyptian shaykh for example they insisted we stay, however with the names of the show they would not budge. Of course they knew neither of us were shuyookh in the sense of 'ulamaa nor in the linguistic sense of being old men, however you would see that the word shaykh has become so watered-down nowadays that here in Egypt practically everyone will call you a shaykh if you have a beard, wear a galabiyyah and pray 5 times a day, let alone if you are a khateeb or Imam.

    We insisted that we have the freedom on the show to clarify neither of us are shuyookh, and that we are only going to relay what we have learned from our shuyookh and this was agreed upon. Of course I really do not like the name of the show however I do see a wealth of good in the show in general, being able to assist people with so many simple matters. Though its not a da'wah show, up until now 3 people have embraced Islam through it, and still 95% of the questions are simple basic things like wudhu', praying when travelling or advice in dealing with others. I feel that this need must be addressed and if we can help I will do it. Anything that is beyond me I will not touch and I have to be extra cautious in this. We asked for the words 'fatawa' to be removed from the intro as we are only narrating what our shuyookh have said, not at all giving fatawa.

    If anybody does feel uneasy with the show due to the title then rest assured I am the uneasiest with it and want to see it changed more than anyone. The best outcome in my eyes would be to have one of our shuyookh here in my place, the problem is nobody until now has expressed even a slight amount of interest. If anyone believes there is someone who is able to relate to the west and is a shaykh/knowledgeable and could replace me, please tell them to get in touch with us straight away. Until then, the show continues and I cannot allow this opportunity to stop.

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    Jazakallahu khayr for the explanation. Now that Musa has clarified, I'm going to lock this thread. If anyone wants to take him up on his offer of providing a replacement, they can contact the brother via PM.
    "Islam began as something strange, and it shall return to being something strange, so give glad tidings to the strangers." - Hadith

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