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    Friday Lectures in English are back on at Preston Mosque !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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    Starting this Friday the 6th of April Sheikh Abd Al-Rahman Mirza Husovic will be delivering motivational talks every Friday in English.

    Sheikh Abd Al-Rahman Mirza Husovic has graduated from Madina University and in known for his jealousy and zeal for this Deen.

    Join us every Friday night between Maghrib and Isha’ to strengthen your Iman.

    We also have English classes on Tuesday nights by Sheikh Salah Soueid and Sheikh Moustafa Sarakibi in English. Their Classes run after Isha during non-daylight saving time. Daylight Saving between Maghrib & Isha’.

    For the Arabic audience we have our dear Sheikh, Sheikh Mohamad Abou Eid delivering his powerful classes every Wednesday and Saturday nights, between Maghrib and Isha’.

    Come and explore the Quran with Sheikh Mohamad Abou Eid on Wednesday nights or take a walk with the Prophet peace be upon him on Saturday nights as we learn about the Sunnah of our beloved prophet peace be upon him, as decribed in Bulugh Al-Maram (Attainment of the Objective).
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    Are there books we have to follow for these classes?
    بَدَأَ الإِسْلاَمُ غَرِيبًا وَسَيَعُودُ كَمَا بَدَأَ غَرِيبًا فَطُوبَى لِلْغُرَبَاءِ‏
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    Let not any Muslim belittle another Muslim, for the lowest of the Muslims is great in the Sight of Allah. - Abū Bakr As Siddiq (Radi allahu anhu)
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