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    Murder by Mantis 
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    Nom nom nom - pretty cool creatures, SubhanAllah. The way it kills its prey is quite horrific though, giving it the death stare and digging into it's neck and all. I might get one as a pet and see what kind of other insects it can kill - I'll name it 'hitmantis' (hitman) as I'll be giving the orders.

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    Yeah the preying mantis is one of the creepiest bugs imo, but ridiculously cool. I used to see them in Malaysia, and they're usually a bit smaller there and of the brown variety. I have some really old pics I took of one back in the day, and all the pictures are of different angles, but in each one of them the mantis is staring directly at the camera. This creepy affect was achieved by snapping my fingers or making a rather loud noise, because whenever I did that it would turn its head to face me and just stand still as it stares. They're really ancient pics, at least 5 years old so they're kinda bad.

    Ya thas creepy... all it needs to say is ".... I see you..". Funny thing is, I told an etymologist about this and she said that was weird since they're supposed to be deaf. Perhaps it caught vibrations with its antennas or something.

    أحب الصالحين ولست منهم وأرجو أن أنال بهم شفاعة
    وأكره من تجارته المعاصي وإن كنا سواء في البضاعة

    إمام الشافعي رحمه الله تعالى -
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